My life with Brands

Looking at all the brands I use I noticed that each brand has a different affect on me. When looking throughout my house I notice certain things I have never noticed before. The types of food my family eats is all brand name and there is absolutely no store bought brands even with drinks. My mom does the grocery shopping, I noticed when I lived on my own at school I ended up buying what she did, even though store brand is cheaper and all my friends thought I was crazy for spending so much on food. My family has had a major impact on many things and I tend to notice the brands that they are custom to buying I end up doing the same thing especially when it comes to drugs, paint, shampoo, even the brands of candles. brands_montage_shadowtop-100-brands-of-the-world-2011brand-names

When it comes to clothes and my personal things I tend to be a mix of utilitarian reasons, status and other reasons as well. I have a different style when it comes to my family, My dad and brother don’t really care what they wear, they pretty much wear whatever my mom and I buy for them. My mom likes to buy well known brand name clothes such as Talbots, Ann Taylor, and Chico’s. But, me I buy what I like and it can be from a well name brand like Michael Kors, to clothes from Target. I notice I tend to buy things that call to me no matter what the brand is. Brands on clothes I feel notice I tend to buy from more stores than others but, there is still a wide variety. Basically when it comes to clothing brands they really don’t have an effect on me. Brands only have a huge effect on me is the kind of stuff you would get at a grocery store or Target, that I have seen my parents buy. I never even tried other brands to see how they compare because I never had the want to change. I never really thought of myself as a loyal brand user but after taking a closer look around my house I can say that my family is. We always by the same brands over and over again and if we do ever try something different it is completely random and most of the time we never like the change. I notice the people who have the most affect on your life has the biggest influence to what you purchase. When living with my friends I tried more things that they are accustom to but, when I moved back home I went back to my family ways. I don’t think I could ever change what I use now even though I am aware of it because the brands I use have always been a part of my life. 

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Future Implications

Some implications I see moving forward for the health and fitness world is promoting new products and events on social media. Promoting products and events on social media it ends up targeting a whole different type of generation. In today’s world a lot of people stream their shows to avoid watching television ads and rarely purchases print media, I know I do. Watching commercials and ads in a magazine is a thing in the past. When it comes to watching TV, companies need a way to target those consumers in a different way. By promoting new products and even upcoming athletic events on social media it allows the consumers see what is going on and they can share or retweet it if they like to spread the word. Social media marketing is like word of mouth of steroids because by sharing an ad it is telling everyone you are friends with than if they your friends share it, it goes to a bunch of other people, it is like a vine and keeps growing. Reebok is huge at reaching their fans through social media about events and new products coming out. One recent post was about how crossfit athletes had reebokan opportunity to work out with one of the professionals for free. Also they promote a bunch of their extremely popular Spartan Race about when and where they are taking place next. The only way they promoted these events was through their social media page. By getting the word out like this it is shared with at least three million people and then shared through those people.

I think this implication is a result on both human behavior and changes in technology because people in today’s world are extremely dependent on social media to get information fast. With people gaining most of their information on the computer it only makes sense for a company to promote their new products on there as well. Not only is it a huge change for the company it ends up saving them money because it is free to post something on facebook and twitter than to make a commercial. Also with technology changing like crazy better and more innovative ways come up on how to promote something. There are so many new social media tools a company can use to promote their products it is just about choosing the right one for your company.

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Viral Marketing Initiatives

Viral marketing is one of those things that can be the best thing to happen for a company. The beauty to viral marketing is that it can get the word out about a product faster and reach more people compared to a normal marketing campaign. When it comes to viral marketing I noticed is that it can just happen by mistake without even planning it or a company can plan it to become viral but it can become a success or a dud. What I think makes a marketing initiative go viral is humor, consumer involvement, awareness for a good cause, entertaining, and interesting. These top characteristics are what make a viral video great. When trying to make a campaign go viral these are the key characteristics that need to be remembered. For example, recently the ALS is bucket challenge is a huge viral marketing campaign which supports the Strike out ALS campaign. In this campaign what one has to do is pour huge bucket of ice water onto their head, then nominate others to take the challenge with 24 hours and to donate whatever they can to support the ALS association to find a cure. This campaign was not expecting to get the attention it did, now throughout the country people are taking the 140811-boston-ice-bucket-challenge-1350_26906d39ac7ead702b45e5b7707b8dc6challenge and donating to a good cause. I even took the challenge and nominated my friends to spread awareness to more and more people. This was the perfect viral marketing campaign because it was for a good cause, it had consumer involvement, it had humor/entertainment because of people dumping ice water on their head, and it made it interesting for everyone to watch others doing it.

Another campaign that has been going viral for a couple of years are the Budweiser commercials. These commercials go viral in a different way. These videos are based on a heartwarming story about the relationship between the horse and the trainer or the new video of the puppy and the horse being best friends. UntitledThis is a feel good type of viral marketing campaign where loyal fans watch the super bowl game just to wait for those commercial, even if there team isn’t playing. This campaign is made with humor because of the puppy’s determination, consumer involvement is based on the fact people are waiting eagerly to watch, entertaining, and interesting all in one commercial.

These are two completely different types of viral marketing campaigns but they both have the same thing of grabbing the consumer’s attention and that’s the most important thing. If you don’t have an interesting campaign its most likely it won’t become viral.

I know this might not seem like a health and fitness post but trust me if it is good for your heart and makes you feel good it is definitely certified as a health benefit! 🙂

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The two companies I have chosen that utilize social media immensely are Nike and Adidas. These two companies are global giants in the sports apparel industry. These two companies are extremely similar but, extremely different all at the same time. When looking at both companies social media pages a consumer can get a feel with what this company is all about.

On Nike’s twitter page the company use it to promote their products, they reminds their consumers of what big sports events are going on and they also inspire their consumers. For example, by posting pictures from the world cup of players wearing Nike reminds their consumers of the big tournament going on. Their tag line Just Do It motivates their consumers to get active so they will become better. This recent tweet “Hard work is hard to ignore. #justdoit” has been re-tweeted from about 2.4 thousand people. Another thing that Nike’s twitter page does is that they post videos to show what their new products are and how they look so their consumers. Nikes facebook page is the exact same thing as their twitter page with the same posts the only difference is the comments from their consumers. Their facebook page makes it more of a way for their fans to communicate.

ImageOn Adidas twitter page the company uses it for the exact same purposes as Nike. They promote big sporting events going on, they promote the companies new products, and they also inspire their consumers to get active. Their two biggest hashtags for their social media sites are #allin or nothing and #trainhungry. With these hashtags it allows their consumers to connect with one another to talk about what is going on in the sporting world that Adidas is promoting. Another thing that Adidas post are videos about their products worn by professional athletes. In these video it shows the consumers what these new products can do and how they will help them perform. Adidas facebook page is a little different, all the content between the two social media sites are the same just different pictures and videos.

ImageAfter comparing the two companies social media sites there is a clear difference between the two. Nike’s social media pages seem to be geared toward the consumers to make it more of a place to be inspired and not to pressure their products on their consumers. It seems like a place for loyal fans to go and interact with the company and other people. This advances their strategic goals because this reminds their consumers to be inspired and get motivated but it reminds them of what brand it is without throwing it in their face. When it came to Adidas’s social media sites I got the complete opposite feel. The push their new products more on their consumers and then they motivate them by making it seem that they need their products in order to succeed. It seems to work for Adidas because it seems like their strategic goals are to remind their consumers that their products will make them better.

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Stay in the Loop!

Some of the best practices to use for blogging/tweeting I would say is just staying current on the hot topics of the industry you are in. For example, if you industry was involved in pop culture this was a big weekend with the Kim and Kayne wedding or if your company is into theImage automotive industry this was a big weekend as well since the Grand Pre of Monaco was going on. Being current in your industry shows your consumers that you care about what is going on in the world other than your company. By doing this it creates a stronger bond with your consumers and not only does it benefit them for learning more of what is going on but the company benefits from it as well.

When it comes to Shape Magazine and Woman’s Health Magazine they employ these best practices daiImagely through many different resources. Since both of these magazines are about health and beauty and with summer around the corner it all about getting that perfect beach body and making sure you look fresh and beautiful during the hot summer days. For example Woman’s Health has a tweet promoting tips on how to sweat-proof your make-up.This was a perfect for them to post because this is a problem for women wearing make up in the summer, they want it to look fresh and not like melting paint. When clicking on the twitter link it brings them right to their Woman’s Health website. This is a good practice for Woman’s Health because it allows customers to browse more throughout the website and read other articles that they found interesting and could potentially share it as well.

Another thing that both magazines do it tweet often. Just like the book Tao of Twitter by Mark W. Schaefer he believes that to have a successful social media page they have to tweet often and make it feel like a more of a community. I noticed with both of these magazines social media site is that they send out a tweet at least every hour. I think that is smart of Shape and Woman’s Health magazine because it keeps the consumers on their toes wanting more free articles. They also keep their tweets short and sweet because even though they have at least 140 characters by using action words will most likely grab the reader’s attention. By following these best practices to having successful social media sites it benefits the company by obtaining more consumers in this social media age.

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Take a Chance

           When it comes to taking brands to the social media world there is always a risk. But, I think there is more of a risk if companies do not take that leap of faith and believe that social media can strongly benefit their company. When it comes to the health and fitness industry they can truly benefit from social media because they can help people achieve their goals and give advice without actually being with the consumer and not forcing the consumers to purchase the magazines. Shape and Women’s Health magazine promote their information through twitter, facebook, and pintrest. Whether someone is looking for a new workout to try or healthy recipe these magazines posting allows the consumer to gain the information quick, without purchasing a magazine.

Image            For example, when looking at pintrest for a new workout all the user has to do is look for what they want to do from Shape magazine and then click the link and it brings you right to Shape’s webpage. The only risk to this is that a consumer might repin this workout and then end up commenting that it does not work or repining a recipe saying it tastes disgusting and not to try it. But, most of the time when it comes to pintrest users just pin things that they find interesting and try later without leaving comments. Where companies needs to be aware of negative comments would be facebook and twitter because that is where most people go to comment on what the post is about. When going onto Shape Magazine’s facebook page and scrolling down you can see negative comments start to pop up.

Image          In this excellent article by Forbes: Is Social Media Bad For Business? It states that “Social media does have a powerful amplifying effect. But just like any technology, it can be used for good or evil. The key is building the right social strategy for your brand. It’s not a “one size fits all” marketing solution. It has to be adopted in strategic, tailored ways. “(Forbes) A company can gain more negative feedback through those ways of media because the consumers don’t feel guilty typing it out rather than going somewhere else to complain. As for Shape and Women’s health magazine social media provides them with a way to stay more interactive with their consumers to support them in a healthier lifestyle. By keeping their consumers constantly motivated to live a healthier lifestyles by using a free source of media it not only benefits the consumers but the company as well.

Take It On The Go!

The mobile application that drives business service to both Women’s Health and Shape magazine consumers are its mobile magazines. These magazines allow consumers to take them anywhere they are with the convenience of it being right on their cell phone. This ends up making the consumers life a lot easier because instead of carrying a magazine around that might not fit into their purse’s gives them the convince of having it in their phones and allows “less baggage” for them. Another mobile device is that not only can you download it onto your cell phone but the consumer can also get the same digital copy on multiple of their devices. By allowing too have the digital magazine on multiple devices allows the consumers to enjoy their magazine at home or where ever they are without being glued to their phones.


                The success of Women’s Health and Shape magazine has been on an incline just as other digital magazine have been on the rise. But, according to this article, Digital Magazines: how popular are they? it talks about how paper magazines still has a great pull. “Apparently huge rises in circulation of digital editions is not enough to offset the even bigger decreases of the print edition.” ( After reading this comment it shows that even in the technology era some people rather have the paperback version instead of digital so both companies can get rid of one or the other because they almost have different target markets. So it is possible the companies are struggling to offset the difference of the lower sales in print magazines to digital.

Success is measured based on how many copies of the months magazine sells. Each month is different but, it always ends up balancing out. But, the one thing about these digital mobile copies the consumer can easily download a year’s subscription and without noticing the magazine will update itself to the newest magazine that has just came out. This makes it a lot easier for consumers to stay current on the new hot topics. By having Women’s Health and Shape magazine right on their consumers mobile devices it ends up accommodating how the technology era wants their information and articles fast with the sped to just get it with a couple of touches instead of driving/walking to the store to get a magazine. The age of the mobile digital applications is here to stay for these two leading industry magazines.

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Diving into the Social Media World

               When it comes to social media for Women’s Health Magazine and Shape Magazine I think they are embracing each other in a more dynamic way. What I mean by that is they have incorporated social media into their magazine in many different ways. With social media becoming a staple in people’s life and how they interact with each other, it was important that both of these magazines made the transition to incorporate them into the magazine. Not only does it provide extra for their consumers it also brings the magazine more attention to them through different sources.

One of the ways both magazines are incorporating social media to their magazines are through the digital magazines you can download on any tablet. The digital magazine offers their clients a lot more features. At first it seems just like the paperback version until you truly learn how to use it. Throughout the magazine not only do you get extra features such as how-to-videos and access to the web but it allows the consumer’s to share what they just read on twitter, facebook, and pintrest. Another benefit of the digital magazine is that if needed to you can grab a link and continue reading the magazine online. Look at the youtube video to learn how shape magazine incorporates social media sites to the magazine. When it comes to the digital magazine copy I think one thing that they could work on to improve their magazine is provide direct links to Women’s Health and Shape facebook and twitter pages because as of now you can only share. By having that direct link to those social media sites it can allow the consumers interact more on the web and let other consumers who didn’t purchase the magazine catch up on what is going on.Image

   When it comes to the paperback version of both magazines they do not get as many features as the digital but they still allow their customers to interact with what is going on the web. In the paperback magazines the consumer will see QR symbols which after scanning will allow the consumer to be a part of certain promotions on what the QR scan is about. With technology continuing to grow it is a lot harder for the paperback versions of the magazines to keep up. What I mean by that they can’t provide as quick access to their consumers. The best the magazines can do is inform them to join them on their social media sites and keep scanning the QR scans and hope that their consumers have smart phones in order to do that.


Example of a QR code

                All in all, both Shape Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine are doing well in the social media way of life. By updating and providing their customers different ways to access their social media accounts shows that they keeping up to date with the consumers needs when it comes to social media. Obviously there are easy changes that can be made to the digital version but when it comes to the paperback version it can be a little trickier.

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Twitter vs. Pintrest in Health & Fashion Magazines

The industry I would want to focus on is fashion/health magazines such as, Women’s Health and Shape magazines. These magazines help woman of all ages by giving them information on how to live a healthy life and how to look good doing it. One of the biggest tools out there that these industries use to help promote their magazine is social media. One of the biggest tools out there that this industry uses is twitter. Shape Magazine and Women’s Health each have their own accounts that allows their consumers to follow them free of charge to gain more knowledge about what is going on in the fitness and fashion world. Mostly within these twitter pages it ends up bring the consumer to their website to read full articles about what was summed up in the twitter feed because they can only put in so many characters in one post. What is great about this is that it is a way to promote consumers to go to their website more to read articles they found would be interesting through twitter. For example, for Shape magazines twitter page which directs them to that exact webpage.

Another fantastic social media tool out there is Pintrest. Pintrest is a social media site that is based on pictures rather than text. When a consumer see’s something they would be interested in all they have to do is click on the picture, which ends up bringing them to the webpage. This type of social media targets a different type of consumer that likes looking through pictures and if interested will go and read the article and then “pin the pictures” for others to read. When it comes to this social media website what is great about it is that it grabs the type of consumers that do not really read the articles when flipping through a magazine they base whether they will read it or not on pictures.

The great thing about these different social media tools is that they use different ways on how to connect their consumers to one another through different posts. With twitter they use hashtag (#) and then a key word. While with Pintrest all they have to do is use the pinning feature. But, with both of these sites consumers can post what they read or saw onto other social media sites such as facebook. With all these social media sites tide together it allows consumers share with others on a broader scale than just on one site.

 Image (Pintrest)